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About Us

Tzohar HaLev is a beacon of light in the lives of Israel’s special-needs children and their families, many of whom come from orphaned and single parent homes. Now you can support and “adopt” these special souls and help us to nurture and actualize the boundless potential within each of them.

Tzohar HaLev’s school network has adapted a state-of-the-art after school program featuring the most advanced and productive specialized therapies. In addition to their regular daily curriculum thousands of Israel’s special needs children in Israel engage in individualized activities and supplementary therapies thanks to Tzohar Halev, like hydrotherapy, art therapy, animal therapy and many more.

We at Tzohar HaLev, are determined to provide critical therapies to all children of special needs. The costs are astronomical, but with your kind generosity, we will help them thrive. ‘Adopt’ one of these special souls, and pay towards the costs of the extracurricular activities tailored to their needs.

And watch the rewards as they continue to grow and develop.

Marble Pillar - 1-Day Tuition - $24 Silver Pillar - 1-Week Tuition - $150 Gold Pillar - 1-Month Tuition - $500 Diamond Pillar - 1-Year Tuition - $6000

Over and above their physical and mental challenges, these kids face additional hardships both financially and from the loss of a parent. We, at Tzohar Halev, believe each child deserves only the best. Your support is invaluable and is key in helping these special children.

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